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Ever since I hit that age where I was able to take control of my own diet and make my own decisions, I’ve always wanted to ensure I eat healthy and go to the gym on a regular basis… To me it’s all about consistency & challenging myself to be better.

About 6 years ago I heavily invested my time in the health & fitness industry which led to me becoming a Health Coach.

Helping people of all ages and all walks of life to lose weight, shape up and improve their well-being by getting the correct nutrition.

As I became more and more educated on the industry, I eventually started to get frustrated by the amount of so called ‘health products’ on the market that do not work and are full of lab made chemicals.

People started asking me “What are the best products?” “How much should I use?” “Can you really trust some-one else’s brand?”

So a few years ago I started working extensively with a qualified nutritionist and high quality suppliers and I developed my own range of premium grade products which ensure quality and results.

Since then I have reduced my product range down to just premium grade whey protein with absolutely NO additives. The reason for this is I wanted to purely focus on one product and then widen the range with products that I am 100% behind.

My premium grade whey protein is all about putting the right things in your body, no fads, no chemicals just simple, natural, quality products that really work.